SB0090 - Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SB1394 EAX Advanced HD Sound Card

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SB0090 - Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SB1394 EAX Advanced HD Sound Card

Delivering 4X more effects processing from the Audigy chip, and stunning 24-bit multi-channel playback, you ll experience unsurpassed power and audio clarity in gaming. Taking advantage of that power, EAX ADVANCED HD technology is able to produce high definition multi-environment effects and more, for the most realistic sound ever experienced. The new 3D audio engine provides the most accurate 3D audio rendering, allowing you to locate and frag your opponents faster than ever before. The on-board SB1394 port lets you take on other Sound Blaster Audigy owners or anyone with a 1394 connection on their PC for easy PC-to-PC connectivity and low latency performance surpassing traditional LAN gaming solutions.

Product Features

  • Stunning 24-bit multi-channel playback for incredible high definition audio in games. Unmatched power of the Audigy?chip delivers 4X more effects processing for high intensity gaming.
  • Innovative EAX ADVANCED HD?technology provides ultra realistic acoustics for high definition audio environments. Fully integrated SB1394?enables high speed PC-to-PC connectivity with low latency gameplay for the ultimate frag fest.
  • Wavetable Synthesizer Type. 64 (with 8-point interpolation) Polyphony. Up to 1 GB RAM size. 4 MB Sample Sets.
  • 48 MIDI Channels. 32-Bit Effects Engine. Full Duplex Type. 16-Bit Max. Recording Depth. 48kHz Max. Recording Rate.
  • 24-Bit Max. Playback Depth. 96kHz Max. Playback Rate. 100dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio. 2.1 Soundfont Support
  • Interfaces/Ports 1 x Audio Line-in
    • 1 x Audio Line-in - Mic
    • 1 x Audio Line-in - Telephone Answering Device
    • 1 x Audio Line-in - CD Audio
    • 1 x Audio Line-in - Aux
    • 1 x Audio Line-in - S/PDIF
    • 1 x Audio Line-out - Analogue-Center and Subwoofer
    • 1 x Audio Line-out - S/PDIF-Front,Rear,center and Subwoofer
    • 1 x Audio Line-out - Analog-Front
    • 1 x Audio Line-out - Analog-Rear
    • 1 x Audio Line-out - Headphone (32- ohm load)-Support on Front Line-Out
    • 2 x IEEE 1394 FireWire
Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Creative
  • Part#  SB0090
  • Package: OEM


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