Top Gaming PC cabinets of 2019

Just like a car enthusiast dreams of getting a badass car, a gamer wants to have the best gaming gear in the world. If you are a true gamer and streamer, you know how important it is to have a beasty gaming rig. It should be able to support the high-end games as well as keep the hardware cool. Having the latest processor and graphics card will require a cabinet which can hold so much of power and looks cool at the same time. If you are planning on upgrading your CPU, then you might probably want to take a look at these PC cabinets to make your experience even more exciting with cool features and great looks. Here are our top picks for your next gaming PC cabinet to have mesmerizing gaming experience.

Thermaltake Core V21

The Core V21 is the latest gaming PC case which has countless features for building the best gaming PC in the world. It can stack all kinds motherboards with its customizable interiors, making it the most compatible for your advanced gaming rig. Core V21 has split design which stores the motherboard on one side, and the other is dedicated to liquid cooling. The fan rails and drive mounts allow multiple configurations with tool-less design so that you do not need a complicated screwdriver set. It also has a liquid cooling system with a magnetic dust filter in large vents, which helps in keeping the system cool even at extreme gaming.

Corsair Carbide 280X

After the famous Air 240, Corsair is back with the Carbide 280X which is a more upgraded version of the Air 240. It looks sleek with tempered glass on three sides and comes with RGB SE variant for that extra respect. It has two RGB 120mm fans, and customizable storage panels. It is capable of hiding your PSU entirely, which makes it look neat. The stock fans, however, are not efficient enough to cool down the system on long runs. But it provides the space for installing water-cooling radiators at the front and top of the cabinet. It is also better at keeping it down while cooling and makes less sound.


The H500 by NZXT is a new mid-tower case which is inspired by its predecessor S340. It can keep itself clean for a long time due to its minimal design. The airflow of the cabinet is not as good due to its solid front, but it is compatible with liquid cooling. It is customizable for many builds and the steel cable management inside the cabinet makes it look more advanced and less untidy. This cabinet is also an affordable option with all the features included. It has the RGB strips on both sides and on the cooling features. It can also mount your GPU vertically. The stock fans are a little loud after a few hours of heavy processing, but it is a compatible and sleek cabinet which can make your rig stand out under your budget.