Solid State Drive vs traditional HDD, isolated. Fast storage device vs slow.

With the technology is developing continuously, many people are choosing to use different kinds of hardware for their computers. Let’s talk about the various computer types that exist.

Types of Computers

  • Desktop – Nowadays, desktops are often the most popular type of computing devices. In general, they have an LCD screen and an optical drive. However, some have additional features such as sound cards and built-in speakers.
  • Netbooks – Nowadays, netbooks are the machines used by kids for educational purposes. Their major feature is being slim and light-weight. However, the computers with a regular desktop computer can usually be plugged into an Ethernet port so that internet access can be achieved.
  • Laptops – The laptops are very popular for personal use. Their major feature is being able to operate off a laptop power adapter. They are usually smaller than the desktop machines and can be connected to a monitor.
  • Mainframe – The mainframe is a type of system that includes all the important computer hardware. The mainframe hardware includes central processing units (CPUs), main memory, disk drives, etc. These are also used for the OS that runs the entire computer. The mainframe can be installed on a very high level, however it is also designed to run on many operating systems.
  • PDA – This is also known as the Pocket PC. These devices are normally very thin and portable, but have less storage than a normal computer.

These are also examples of different kinds of hardware.

You can also buy the whole machine or purchase parts separately to suit your needs. By making your purchases wisely, you will not have any problem in saving some money for other important parts.

Even though it is hard to anticipate how the hardware of tomorrow will develop, there are some things that we can anticipate that could help future generations. The first thing that could happen is that by using more memory, new designs can be created that will not require as much power to run.

It will become smaller and a big part of computers will be saved for video playback, which can be done with the SD card for example. In the future, the laptop will probably be replaced by a tablet or even a small netbook. By going with a newer, bigger machine, you will save money as well as a lot of space in your home.

Just like other computer equipment, computers in the future will be based on new technology will also become better and cheaper, giving you a long time option to upgrade your hardware. However, if you’re in the habit of buying new hardware, now would be a good time to start doing so.

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