Aqua Computer Cuplex XT

The Aqua Computer Cuplex XT CPU block is truly one of the most advanced water blocks on the market today. The Cuplex XT is designed to create such a high turbulence of flow that the water actually sprays through the block. As the water enters the intake fitting it then gets accelerated as it is pushed through small holes in a nickel plated brass center block. The spray of this water is forced through the heat dissipating copper fins of the base in an outward direction through the flow channels over the CPU core. This high turbulent flow produces excellent performance in cooling the copper base and thus efficiently cooling the CPU.

The Cuplex XT is CNC machined in the highest quality and able to withstand high pressure water flow without breaking a seal or leaking. This CPU block comes standard with a translucent blue acrylic top and your choice of appropriate socket mounting brackets. The Cuplex XT is one of the best CPU blocks offered with an attractive look that will have you astounded.


The Cuplex XT comes standard with a translucent blue top and two Plug & Cool fittings. Choose your mounting bracket from A64 754/939/940, P4 478/775, or AMD Socket 462(A). The Cuplex XT is a three piece CPU block consisting of a transparent top, nickel plated brass body, and all copper base. The high turbulent accelerator plate in the block will produce excellent results on the hottest of CPUs.

1) Cuplex XT CPU block
2) Mounting screen & screws for either Intel P4 478/LGA775 or AMD Athlon64 754/939/940 or AMD XP+ Socket A (462)

pc-s Plug & Cool Straight Fittings for use with 6mm ID x 8mm OD AC Tubing
cmp6x1 Nickel Plated Straight Compression Fittings for use with 6mm ID x 8mm OD Tubing
cmp8x1 Nickel Plated Straight Compression Fittings for use with 8mm ID x 10mm OD Tubing
barb38 Nickel Plated Straight Barb Fittings for use with 3/8″ ID Tubing
Pre Order Now!!! This item is expected to arrive mid to late March.

Aqua Computer Cuplex XT
Thermal Grease:

The A64 mount is for AMD socket 754/939/940. The LGA775 is for Intel P4 socket 478 and socket 775 Core 2 / Core 2 Duo. The AMD AM2 is for the AMD AM2 A64/X2/FX.