Zalman CNPS 9500

The Zalman CNPS 9500 LED CPU Cooler is a top notch high end cooler that outperforms all other air-cooled CPU coolers as well as some internal water-cooling systems, while maintaining Zalman’s renown reputation for ultra quiet fan operation. The primary innovation lies in the patented “figure 8” shape bending of its three heat pipes to produce resulsts equivalent to six heat pipes. The aerodynamically designed ultra slim copper heat sink fins, and their optimized performance layout, maximizes cooling efficiency and performance while minimizing airflow resistance and overall weight.Specifications:
Operation Mode
85(L) x 112(W) x 125(H)mm
Heat Sink:
Pure Copper
Dissipation Area:
3,698 cm2
Fan Size:
92 x 25mm
Fan Operating Voltage:
5 – 12V
Rated Current:
Power Consumption:
6W or lower
Bearing Type:
2-Balls Bearing Sets
Fan Speed:
1350 rpm ± 10%
2600 rpm ± 10%
Noise Level
18.0dB ± 10%
27.5db ± 10%
Thermal Resistance
0.16 °C/W
0.12 °C/W