Zalman Reserator1

The Zalman Reserator1 Plus is the ultimate in silent water cooling. This unit is a stand alone reservoir and radiator with a pump submerging inside. This completely aluminum body dissipates heat effectively and silently, no fans are necessary. The sturdy construction is anodized and features special quick connect fittings for use with the Zalman 5/16″ silicon tubing. A sight glass insert with a flow indicator allows you to see that the water is moving through the system. This water cooling system also comes complete with the Zalman WB3 CPU water block compatible with Socket 478, 462 (A), 754/939/940 and Intel LGA 775 CPUs, GWB2 GPU water block and Zalman Blue Reserator Coolant.


The new Reserator1 Plus is anodized black with a glossy finish
The WB3 CPU water block is low profile and gold plated
The GWB2 has been revised with barbed fittings and now fits more vide cards
The sight glass has an indicator to show the flow of water through the system
The PCI slot card has two holes for the tubing to travel in and out of the PC

The WB3 and GWB2 have been revised from their former models. The WB3 is now a low profile slow flow block that dissipates heat off the copper base efficiently. The new style is lighter in weight with no loss to the effectiveness of the performance. The GWB2 GPU water block is also low profile to make it compatible with SLI VGA cards with less room in between. The new style of this block provides better heat dissipation from its predecessor and the barbed fittings have three notches for improved connectivity and less chance of water leak potential.

The new quick connect style fittings allow you to easily plug your water tube connectors directly to the Reserator unit. Since the couplings are spring loaded with shut off capability they can be connected and disconnected easily with no or minimal water loss. Disconnect the couplings when moving your PC and Reserator or when working on your PC.

The G100 Coolant is an anti-corrosion additive for your Reserator cooling system. This blue coolant is made form Ethylene glycol and anti-corrosive proporties which help to prevent galvanic corrosion and algae from forming in the water. The 500ml bottle can be added to 2 liters of distilled water at a 1:5 ratio for optimum protection.
Radiation Area: 1.274 m2
Total Weight: 6.5 kg
Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 500mm ( L x W x H)
Material: Pure Aluminum, Anodized
Cooling Rate: Max. 2.5 L
Pump: 5 W, 120 V, 60 Hz, H 0.5 m

1) The World’s First Fanless Water Cooling System
2) Optimized Design for Excellent Natural Convection Cooling
3) Convenient 3 in 1 Design (Reservoir, Pump, Radiator)
4) Application CPU Sockets: 478, 462 (A), 754/939/940, LGA775
Zalman CS2 for Socket 775 mothearboard (pdf)

Kit Includes:
1) Reserator1 Plus Unit (Reservoir, Radiator, & Pump)
2) ZM-WB3 CPU Water Block w/ Gold Plating
3) ZM-GWB2 GPU Water Block
4) Sight Glass w/ Flow Indicator
5) Silicon Tube & Quick Coupler Connectors
6) PCI Slot Bracket
7) Anti-Corrosive Coolant
8) 115V Wall Outlet Power Plug with On/Off Switch
9) CS2 Support Clip for Intel LGA775 Socket T
Installation Manual (pdf)

Water Flow Diagram:
Reserator is designed with an optimal heat dissipation area based on ZalmanTech’s HCET (High Capacity Extrusion Technique) and high efficiency cooling technology. As a result, this product achieves excellent cooling performance even with natural convection, making it the world’s first fanless, noiseless water-cooling system. The reservoir, radiator, and the water pump are conveniently integrated into one assembly, and the heatsink is anodized to prevent corrosion and rust. In addition, the kit includes the high-performance Gold CPU and GPU water block which are not susceptible to galvanic corrosion.