Zatnn 50

The TNN 500AF is the world’s first absolutely noiseless, anti-dust computer case for high end systems. The TNN uses Heatpipe Technology, HSC (Heat Source Contact0 Power Technology, High Capacity Extrusion Technique, and FMS (Flexible Mounting Structure) Design Technology made possible by Zalman Tech Co., Ltd. The case is made of high performance aluminum an utilites a noiseless cooling solution that does not require the use of fans.

1) Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) in broadcasting, recording, and post-production studio control rooms.
2) Multi Media & Storage Servers for offices, educational facilities, and hotels.
3) Home Theater PCs (HTPC) for living rooms.
4) High Performance Noiseless Worksatations & Servers for small office and home office.Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI)
The sturdy aluminum case (5-7mm thick) is constructed high quality parts and materials producing an extremely well built PC with a long life span. The EMI prevention system effectively prevents “Electro-Magnetc Interference” such as undesirable noise from surrounding electronic equipment and radio or tv reception interference. The EMI interception blocks built into the case are designed to shield cables coming out of the case, such as the power supply cable, while also holding them neatly in place.

Aluminum Heatsink Case
The TNN 500AF consists of two large extruded aluminum heatsink plates. These heatsink plates transfer all heat from the CPU, GPU, etc., to the exterior through natural convection. Since natural convection requires no moving components, a system equipped with TNN 500AF is absolutely silent and has a permanent life cycle.

Heatpipe CPU Cooler
The CPU cooler in the TNN 500AF transfers heat from the CPU to the heatsink case using six 6mm heatpipes. Since the CPU cooling solution does not require any power source or fan, the cooler is absolutely free from noise and has a permanent life cycle. The six heatpipes transfer about 150 W/sec from the CPU, which is ample cooling even for the hottest CPUs on the market. For example, a 3.4 GHz Pentium 4 Extreme Edition generates approximately 104 watts. The CPU block is made of pure gold plated copper to ensure the highest cooling performance and conductivity. The TNN 500AF is compatible with Intel Pentium 4 socket 478, LGA775 and AMD Athlon 64 socket 754/939/940.

Heatpipe VGA Cooler
The VGA cooler in the TNN 500AF transfers heat from the GPU to the heatsink case using three 6mm heatpipes. Since this VGA cooling solution does not require any power source or fan, the cooler is absolutely free from noise and has a permanent life cycle. These heatpipes drain enough heat from the GPU at the rate of 75 W/sec to cool the hottest VGA cards on the market. The TNN 500AF is compatible with ATi X800 and nVidia 6800. Four mounting holes around the GPU are required to install the cooler.

No-Fan Power Supply
The PSU in the TNN 500AF employs Multi PCB Transformer technology and Heat Source Contact technology to pump out enough power (400W) without any help from an active cooling device. The heat from the PSU components is transferred to the heatsink case through an aluminum panel, which is in direct contact with the heatsink case. This PSU features a lifespan of over 50,000 hours an an impressive 80% AC/DC conversion efficiency, which is 10-15% higher than most conventional ATX power supplies.

In addition to the above functions, the TNN 500AF comes with one ZM-2HC2 Heat Pipe hard dirve cooler and sound & vibration dampening unit. The 2HC2 will quiet down the noisiest of hard drives while dissipating heat away from the sides.

The TNN 500AF also comes on four heavy duty casters which can support up to one ton each. Each caster has a height adjustment dial and locking brake.

To top it off the TNN 500AF also comes with the iMON wireless remote control and software for full Home Theater PC utilty and functionality.Features:
1) Completely Noiseless System (No Fans or Moving Parts)
2) Cooled via Heat Pipes and/or Natural Convection
3) Significantly Reduces Internal Dust Accumulation
4) Multi Media Player Software and Remote Control Included
5) Power Supply (TNN400APF-V2)
6) Front Panel Microphone, Headphone, USB 1394, 1394B Connectors & Cables
7) Key Lock Latch for Internal Component Theft Protection
8) Internal High Intensity Blue LED Lamp

Dimensions: 400 x 286 x 597mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 26 Kg
CPU Cooler Capacity: 150 W
GPU Cooler Capacity: 75 W
HDD Cooler Capacity: 11 – Heat Pipes
Power Supply: TNN400APF-V2
Input Voltage: AC 100 – 240V
Max Output: 400W
Form Factor: ATX 12V
Efficiiency: 80% at Full Load
Output Voltage: Max Load +3.3V 20A, +5V 20A, +12V1 18A, +12V2 16A, -12V 0.8A, -5V 0.3A, +5VSB 2A